Lisa Seward
Child and Parent Coach

Meet Lisa

A child and parent coach in private practice since 1997.

What I do

Lisa provides social coaching to children and teens dealing with the following: Anxiety, Social Cues, Behaviour issues, Gifted, Opposition, ADHD, SM and ASD. Lisa also works 1:1 with parents, teaching specific strategies for listening and responding to a child's outbursts and emotions, setting limits (vital), and following a plan of action that can improve family dynamics. Parents learn how to change old patterns through role-play of real-life scenarios. Children learn about their own brain and how adrenalin affects their emotions and reactions. Both parent and child discover new ways to appreciate their differences and learn to find common ground. Lisa also consults with Physicians and teachers.

My Approach

Lisa has worked directly with clients in their homes for the past 25 years. Lisa also works virtually on line via ZOOM or FaceTime. The goal is to provide young children with an engaging and fun experience in order to share their feelings and learn various ways to express themselves and learn ways to self-regulate. Lisa teaches children and teens about how the brain handles stress and the ways to deal with  negative thoughts and disappointments. Teens learn concrete strategies to help them feel more aware of social cues with peers and parents; learning new ways organize their thought process.

Lisa also works 1:1 with parent(s) or co-parents to learn specific strategies for understanding their child or teen at their specific age and stage in life. Lisa teaches parents how NOT to fix problems for their child or give solutions. Instead, the parent learns through role-play and real-life scenarios the steps necessary to tackle a problem with their child that allows them to remain neutral and not afraid of their child's reaction or tantrum. The parent learns how and when to present new house rules and embrace the idea of limits being used in a positive manner. The parent sessions teach the importance of modeling cooperative behaviours, tone of voice and when to remove themselves from a conflict. Lisa's approach with children helps them re-learn ways to talk to siblings, parents and  peers.  Children and teens learn how to handle adversity in 1:1 sessions with Lisa and are provided with visual cues and follow up materials.  Often a young child will have a chance to practice a strategy with parents joining in a session when appropriate.

By teaching parents how to de-escalate and create a happier family dynamic - Lisa attempts to bring hope to a family struggling to communicate without tears and heartache.

My Experience

Lisa Seward has worked as a Child and Parent Coach in private practice for over 25 years. In addition, she has provided intensive ABA therapy to many clients since 1997. In all capacities, she may work in tandem with Family Physicians, Social Workers, Teachers and Speech/Occupational therapists. Lisa is also an Associate of Connected Parenting.

Lisa has facilitated Wellness and Bullying workshops in schools across the GTA. Her Corporate Improvisation workshops have been used by companies such as CRTC, Bell and Johnson & Johnson. Her focus is consistent - positive use of tools and techniques to improve communication, self-esteem and enjoyment of a shared experience.

Lisa is also the founder and director of The Yonge Street Players, an improvisational theatre school known for its unique teaching style.

Lisa’s services are not covered by OHIP or most insurance plans. Lisa's fees are hourly and based on the location, length of session and the needs specific to the child.